19 People Who Followed Instructions A Little Too Literally…

Here are 19 people who took these signs a bit too literally…

1. This boy who simply obeyed his mother:


2. Signs can be confusing:


3. Plant Eyes


4. Name The Shapes


5. I Think Someone Took The Sign A Little Too Literally!


6. Fall In Line


7. This trophy maker who copied the text exactly as written…


8. Literally!


9. Just following the law…


10. This future lawyer who was told he couldn’t go outside


11. “Draw Bridge”


12. Directions Were To ‘Draw Hands On The Clocks’


13. I Did Say To Put These In The Bathroom…


14. Job Well Done


15. Siri, who is VERY literal




17. This nature lover who wasn’t going to judge an animal’s dietary needs!




19. This driver whose reading comprehension is just a little too good…

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