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Very cold conditions have developed overnight with the lowest recorded
overnight temperature of -10.2 at Liawenee – its lowest recorded temperature
since July 2017.

Light snowfall has settled at some places above 100 metres overnight, mainly
about the west of the state. Conditions were generally cloud free elsewhere.

Light showers are expected to develop across the state late this morning,
settling as light snow at elevations above 300 metres. However, light snow
flurries may be seen at lower elevations (not settling).


Strong, icy, south to southeasterly winds are expected to develop during this
evening bringing gusts of 90 to 100 km/h to parts of southern and eastern
Tasmania, with possible gusts above 100 km/h along parts of the east coast.

A Severe Weather Warning for Damaging Winds across the east and southeast
of Tasmania has been issued. The Damaging Winds develop this evening and
ease during Wednesday.

Heavy showers are possible about parts of the east and south of the state this
evening and Wednesday morning with showers expected to fall as heavy snow
above 700 metres. This may lead to the unusual situation where some ranges
along the east coast receive a good covering of snow.


Wind and showers are expected to ease during Wednesday.

A Road Weather Alert has been issued as snow and black ice will likely disrupt
transport and travel across parts of the state for the next few days.

A Bushwalkers Alert has been issued as the cold weather will pose a serious risk
to bushwalkers at elevated areas, including parts of the east.

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