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Fire which destroyed Garden Island home deemed accidental

The cause of the structure fire at Garden Island Creek in southern Tasmania overnight has been deemed as accidental.

Investigations have determined that the fire started when an outdoor gas cooktop being used indoors was left unattended.

“Barbecues and grills designed for outside use should never be used inside because they need adequate ventilation to allow toxic fumes to escape,” Tasmania Fire Service South-West District Acting Station Officer Tim Holland said.

“Cooking that requires the use of solid fuel or gas should only be performed outside unless the appliance is specifically designed to be indoors.”

Tasmania Fire Service crews from Cygnet, Deep Bay and Middleton attended the scene and extinguished the fire after the alarm was raised about 6.20pm last night.

The house was completely destroyed and damage is estimated at $500,000. The premises were insured, and working smoke alarms were fitted to the residence.

An adjoining unit on the property was not damaged by the fire.

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