It’s literally RAINING CHOCOLATE in this town… SERIOUSLY!

Remember that dream Homer Simpson had when a German company took over the Nuclear Power Plant and made a land of chocolate?

We’d imagine that’s exactly what this was like.

Residents in the Swiss town of Olten reported last Friday that CHOCOLATE had begun falling from the sky in parts of the town!

In our heads, that meant full blocks of that Caramilk or maybe thousands of creme eggs, however this was more of a fine cocoa powder.

The powder reportedly began falling from the sky after the ventilation system at a nearby chocolate factory began to malfunction. The company has offered to pay for any cleaning needed, but hasn’t yet been taken up on the offer. They said said strong winds in recent days caused the powder to spread around the surrounding area.

The particles were completely harmless to people or the environment, Lindt said.

The ventilation system has now been repaired, sadly.

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