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Meet the Hobart woman helping kids get off the streets

Every day, thousands of young people from across Hobart take to the streets to ‘do things they shouldn’t be doing’, and one Tassie woman has set out to help them.

Meet Hobart mother of 9, Helen Devenish. Helen is a local street pastor and artist, who’s aim is to provide a positive message to the youth of Hobart.

Helen runs Love Hobart, an outreach ministry which initially started out as ‘The Rock Cafe’ in 2012, but now provides informal counselling to the youth on the streets of Hobart.

“We have met many people and we are building relationships with those that we meet regularly on the streets, and just be a friend to the lost, lonely, homeless, hurting, sick, the struggling and the broken,” Helen said.

“We are impressed with the politeness and openness especially of the younger generation towards us and we are enjoying building many friendships.”

Helen runs a weekly youth night in Hobart. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

On the side, Helen is a sketch artist, channeling her love for the sights and scenry of Hobart into something positive.

“I love coming into Hobart to sketch, especially if I’m really feeling a bit down or low. If I come into town and sketch, I get to use my gift and I really enjoy sketching and talking to people.”

One of Helen’s sketches, featuring Franklin Square and the youth of Hobart.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Helen spent her time talking to people of all ages doing it tough, and supporting them by handing out supermarket vouchers, buying people flowers and purchasing meals.

Well done Helen, we love your work!

More information can be found at www.lovehobart.com, or on their Facebook page.

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