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WILD and DAMAGING winds hit Tasmania!

A Severe Weather Warning for Damaging winds is current for southern, eastern and northern Tasmania with the state already recording winds up to 150km/h at Maatsuyker Island before 9am this morning.

A downed tree at Seven Mile Beach after Hobart’s May 2018 storm.
PHOTO: Stephen Bourke

Other strong gusts recorded so far today include:
o 119 km/h at Mount Read
o 115 km/h at Scotts Peak
o 109 km/h at Low Rocky Point
o 104 km/h at Cape Grim
o 98 km/h at Cape Bruny
o 96 km/h at kunanyi/Mount Wellington
o 91 km/h at Maria Island
o 81 km/h at Hobart.

Pedestrians in the rain on Liverpool Street in Hobart.

West to northwesterly winds will average 50–60 km/h across the state today, with further gusts in excess of 100 km/h still possible until winds ease this afternoon.

SNOW is expected to fall down to 500 metres in the south and south west from mid-afternoon before rising Wednesday morning.

Rainfall continues with 10–20 mm forecast in the west and far south today – up to 30 mm possible in elevated areas, 5–10mm in elevated areas of the north east, and 2–5 mm elsewhere.

PHOTO: Monte Bovill

Temperatures will cool tonight with overnight minimums to reach sub-zero temperatures in central areas bringing a high likelihood of frost.

A Sheep Graziers Warning is current for the Upper Derwent Valley and South East districts on Tuesday due to the wet, cold and windy conditions.

A Bush Walkers Alert is current for the Western Forecast district due to the low-level snow.

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